"Meet Our Pastor"

Reverend Dr. H.B. Sampson, III and Mrs. Beverly Sampson


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Reverend Dr. H.B. Sampson, III was born February 14, 1969 in Houston, Texas. He is the eldest of four sons born to the blessed union of Dr. and Mrs. H. B. Sampson, Jr.


Upon both accepting and confessing to God's call to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Dr. Sampson both offered his initial sermon and was licensed to preach May 25, 1987, which blessed him to be the fourth generation of Sampsons' to preach the Gospel.


Following the will of God, Dr. Sampson relocated with his family to Seattle, Washington in 1989 after his father was called to pastor the Goodwill Missionary Baptist Church. While residing in Seattle, Washington, Reverend Sampson assisted his father, Dr. H. B. Sampson, Jr., in a number of capacities, ranging from Youth Ministries to Ministries for the elderly. Furthermore, it was under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Sampson that he was ordained as a Baptist Minister August 25, 1998.


At the behest of both God and his family, Dr. Sampson prepared himself educationally by earning an Associates of Art degree in 1994 from Seattle Central Community College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1996 from the Jesuit Institution of Seattle University with a major in psychology. After completing his undergraduate study, he went on to attend Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Theology with an emphasis in biblical studies and theology. Seeking to diversify his seminary experience and become trained to pastor in the African American Church, he relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 1998 to attend the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University where, in May of 1999, he earned his Master of Divinity degree. Finally, Dr. Sampson attended United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio where, in 2005, he earned the Doctor of Ministry degree.


It was while residing in Richmond, Virginia and pursuing his educational training that he was guided by the Holy Spirit to join the Trinity Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. A. Lincoln James, Jr.  Dr. Sampson served as an Associate Minister under Dr. James' leadership until he was extended the call to pastor the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church of Amelia, Virginia in May of 2001 where he remained until May of 2010 when he was called to Pastor the Mount Horeb Baptist Church of Washington, D.C.  Upon both adhering to the voice of God and accepting this call of pastoral ministry, Dr. Sampson has sought to serve the Lord in this capacity with all of his heart for the glory and honor of God.

Dr. Sampson is married to the former Miss. Beverly J. Wallace of Seattle, Washington and is the father of twins: Terri Angelique Sampson, H. B. Sampson, IV and a youngest daughter named Tiffany Nichole Sampson.

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