The Mount Horeb Baptist Church, which began in 1870, has been led by eleven different Pastors; namely, William Gresham and James Holmes, James Lewis, Madison Lewis, Randolph Peyton, J.T. Clark, Charles H. Fox, Gregory Trueheart, Chester V. Brooks (Interim Pastor), Delmas U. Cooper and Harry B. Sampson, III.

In August 1870, in a small house at 203 Warren Street, N.E., Washington, D.C., 12 committed Christians through the guidance of the Holy Spirit organized Mount Horeb Baptist Church. Sunday morning worship services and other church activities were held at Warren Street for nine years under the leadership of Reverend William Gresham and Reverend James Holmes.

As a result of an increasing membership, in 1879, Pastor James Lewis negotiated a plot of land in the 200-block of 16th Street, N.E. The building at 217 - 16th Street, N.E., was built and incorporated on August 31, 1880, as Mount Horeb Baptist Church.

Under Pastor Trueheart, the congregation approved discontinuing two practices: (1) fundraising activities held at the church and (2) passing plates or baskets to collect tithes and offerings during worship services. These two practices are still in effect today. Land was purchased in 1977 at 2914 Bladensburg Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. where our present house of worship was dedicated to God on August 27, 1978.

Reverend Delmas U. Cooper was elected and installed as our Pastor on March 28, 1988. His teaching and preaching of the Gospel has brought many souls to Christ. Many new auxiliaries have been organized and dormant ones revived including: the Laymen's League, Male Usher Board, United Women, Security Group, and many more. An increased focus on outreach programs has been expanded and continues to be effective in the church, surrounding community, national and abroad. Some of the expanded programs include: Lott Carey Foreign Mission, the American Baptist Churches of the South, the Progressive Baptist Convention, the SHARE Food Program, the Sandwich Brigade, Youth Summer/Computer Camps, the Web Ministry, Youth Tutorial, Boarder Babies, Boy/Girl Scouts, Alcoholics Anonymous and Bible Study/Worship Services for seniors at the nearby Fort Lincoln community.

In the 1990s additional properties became an urgent necessity. Accordingly, the church purchased properties on Bladensburg Road and Mount Horeb Plaza (Earl Place), N.E. The buildings on Mount Horeb Plaza were renovated then dedicated on Sunday, March 30, 2003 and now contain: (1) the Albert L. and Mamie G. Steward Recreation Center, comprised of a gymnasium with showers, exercise equipment, and an arts and crafts room; (2) the Mount Horeb Annex Fellowship Hall with seating capacity for approximately 500, a stage, ladies' and men's lounges, a commercial kitchen, and administrative offices; and (3) an elevator to upper floors and the main church building.

When Reverend Cooper retired as Pastor of Mount Horeb on December 31, 2008, Reverends Rufus Nix and Melvin Wallace graciously accepted the assignment of Interim Ministers while the church searched for a new pastor. Reverend Anthony Allen also assisted as one of Mount Horeb’s Associate Ministers.

When the call was extended, and upon his accepting the call, the Reverend Dr. H.B. Sampson, III was installed on September 19, 2010, as our eleventh Pastor.

The many achievements in the history of the church are the fruits of visions, prayers, hard work, sacrifices and an abiding trust in God by nameless and countless numbers of church officials and faithful members. May God ever keep us as His children, growing in grace and united in His love.